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It’s time to reclaim your health and expand your capacity beyond what was previously accessible to you.

Some people come in with an idea of what they want to work on or look deeper into and others are simply overwhelmed by the constellation of symptoms in various systems of their body. 


For the latter, it honestly feels like so much to figure out when you feel like you may be near or at your rock bottom. The most difficult thing is to look at the big picture when you are living the details from day-to-day.

My approach is much different than the 17.4 minute average visit with your doctor that you may have experienced in your health journey. My favorite part is treating people, not just patients. You simply cannot get a grasp of a person and where they have come from in 17.4 minutes.

To become a patient, follow these simple steps:


Please book and appointment (in-person or virtual), by clicking the button below.


Wait for a follow-up email or phone call from from my office. We’ll be in touch shortly.


Together you and someone from my team will find the best way (in-person or virtual), along with the best day/time for your initial consultation.


She'll provide you with the necessary health history forms and answer any questions you may have.


I aim to break the mold of your past experience with doctors and healthcare.

- Dr. Thalia

Here’s how we’ll work together...

I aim to break the mold of your past experience with doctors and healthcare. The process begins with a 60-minute initial consultation (in-person or virtual) that most patients remark to be their most comprehensive yet. I’ll review any previous lab work or imaging and take time to listen to your story to understand where you need support. At this initial visit, we will both agree upon any necessary follow-up testing and/or treatment.


After gathering more data, we begin to put the puzzle pieces together combining your story with numbers to better grasp the bigger picture. At this 60-minute follow-up consultation, we may decide we need to gather more information to fill in any blanks. My goal is to help you understand the inner workings of your body as this will support you in making the necessary changes to move the needle. 


When working with chronic complex diseases, it is not uncommon that the beginning is slower as we put the pieces together. It’s like a plane taking off the ground… it doesn’t hit cruising altitude right away. 


The ultimate goal is to look back every few months realizing you continue to feel better overall. In these scenarios, thoughtful forward steps can go a long way. These consultations are on average 30 minutes every 6 - 10 weeks depending on the next steps of the program.


As time progresses, we build on our treatments until we are able to stabilize and/or restore the body.

  • Do you take insurance?
    I am not covered under insurance carriers, but you may submit our invoices on your own. For those with PPO plans -- Depending on your deductible, you may get coverage of labs under your out-of-network coverage.
  • Can I use my Health Savings Account or Flex Saving Account?
    Yes, you absolutely can. We provide you the superbills to submit for your office visits.
  • Do you do virtual visits?
    Yes, we have video conferencing embedded within our electronic health records allowing for easy communication and privacy. Dr. Thalia is licensed in California, Arizona and Colorado. For Arizona and Colorado, all visits are done virtually.
  • Can you be my primary care doctor?
    No, unfortunately I cannot be your primary care doctor. We do not have the staffing to support adequate care. We ask that all of our patients have an established primary care doctor.
  • Do you treat children?
    Yes, we treat all ages.
  • What is your COVID-19 office policy?
    We are currently seeing patients in-office and virtually depending on preference as well as continuing to provide the best care. If you decide to come to the office, we require a face mask. We check temperatures and exposure history prior to entry and if a temperature exceeds 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, a patient will be turned away. We also have indoor and outdoor waiting areas to maintain adequate social distancing. If the weather allows, we can also do visits outside on the deck.
  • What states does Dr. Thalia treat patients in?
    Dr. Thalia is licensed in California, Colorado and Arizona. Colorado and Arizona is 100% virtual and California is both in-person and virtual.

Getting Started

Your relationship with your doctor should be a comfortable one built on trust, open communication and honesty. Book an initial 15-minute phone consultation to see if we are a match.
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