Curious about what it’s like working with Dr. Thalia? Please read some patient testimonials:

I worked with Thalia for the care of my one year old son who was struggling with eczema, allergies, and digestive health issues.

What stood out most for me about working with Thalia was how she conveys to her patients how much she genuinely cares about the people she sees. She goes above and beyond making you feel like you are more than just a patient.

She showed this high level of caring in various ways. When taking my son’s history, I noticed how attentive and thorough she was with the details. She was a good listener.

There was a plan given for my son and she gave me encouragement that we could do it. I remember her saying “how I was a good mom” as she gave me a hug. I was going through a hard time trying to get my son the help he needed and she was a positive energy during that challenging time.

She would call me to follow up and see how things were going. She did this multiple times. She has a gift of working with people that makes her unique and a pleasure to work with.
– R.G. from Yelp

Finding Dr. Farshchian has been one of the best things to happen to me in 2011! I have seen many doctors in my life, and must say that she has made me feel more cared for and at ease than most. Dr. Farshchian is knowledgeable and confident. The treatment plan that she created for me has not only been effective but it has been reasonable to follow. I appreciate the fact that she treats me as a whole person. I have, and will continue to recommend her to friends and family.
– S.M. from Yelp

Dr. Thalia and I have been working together for two years and my health has completely transformed. I initially visited Dr. Thalia looking for help with what I thought might be allergy related issues and for help with the migraine headaches that I had suffered my entire life.

Dr. Thalia helped identify food sensitivities and intolerances that were impacting my energy level, my digestive system and my weight. And, she worked to identify the root cause of my migraine headaches.

Since we have been working together, my energy level and weight have returned to where they should be and I feel so much better. And, since she cracked the code on the migraine issue, I have been migraine free which I still can’t believe as I write this review.

Dr. Thalia has a very easy going style and she’s quick with a tip, trick or reco to keep things interesting in a much more restricted food universe. She also has a fantastic sense of humor which really helps when working through complex and frustrating issues.

Finally, Dr. Thalia makes is very easy to stay connected by making herself available via email, cell etc., a huge plus given my hectic schedule.
– K.D. from Yelp

Dr Thalia is very kind, easy to talk to and understanding. She goes straight to the point and brought us answers/new solutions for my husband’s Crohn’s disease – which was still not under control after 5 surgeries in 2.5 years. We completely lost hope and saw numerous doctors who could not help us due to the severity of the disease. Dr Thalia’s versatility and wide knowledge proposed new tests, supplements and a complete and detailed new diet plan for us – which is working!!! We are seeing the light thanks to her and we are so glad that she is part of our lives. She also is so compassionate that she sent him a card for his birthday. She is the one who found the way to bring my husband’s disease to remission and I am using her advice as well for a better life. Definitely the best doctor around.
– S.D. from Yelp

Dr. Thalia is unlike any doctor I’ve seen. When I first visited Dr. Thalia, I realized quickly how easy it is to have an open dialogue about my health concerns. Dr. Thalia has a warm personality which makes it easy to discuss any health issues and feel comfortable to learn how to improve one’s diet. After several months of feeling drained & tired, I came to Dr. Thalia to see how a custom diet might give me back my energy and better weight management. I learned of food allergies I didn’t know I had, thanks to Dr. Thalia. With this new learning, I’ve eliminated the foods that I’m sensitive to and have adjusted my diet to be rich in the nutrients my body needs. This did the trick and I’m happy to say, my energy has returned, my weight is controlled and I’m on the road to a much better me! 🙂 Thank you, Dr. Thalia for your wisdom and guidance. While I ate healthy foods before, you educated me on the right ones for me, which helped immensely. I highly recommend Dr. Thalia for anyone who seeks a tailored health plan for his/her individual needs.
– K.S. from Yelp

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