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Gear Up for Flu Season

This year’s flu just happens to be a very strong one that has already mutated away from what is available in the flu vaccine. It important to keep yourself protected and you don’t need to resort to all of the hand sanitzers. Whether you get the shot or not is a personal decision. I think it is a good safeguard for those who are already immune compromised. For generally healthy people, here are some tips:
  • Get your vitamin D levels from your doctor via an easy blood test. Optimal ranges are 50-70 and staying within that range supports your immune system and much more.
  • Keep support on hand. Here are some great supplements to keep around in case you start to feel that first sniffle: Kid’s Immunity Formula
Bio Vegetarian — We keep this one in the office and it is an ace in the hole for nipping a cold before it becomes full blown. Safe for everyone except those who could be pregnant. Also, check out this article!
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